From Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training to Cultural Transformation

Right now, you may be looking at your team and realizing there’s a lot of work to do to address inequality in our communities, workplaces, and pretty much everywhere. Maybe you’ve known this for a while but haven’t known where to start. We’ll show you how to deepen communication and engagement to create real cultural change in your organization, rather than just paying lip service or “checking off the DEI box.”

Individual Trainings

We conduct customized trainings in anti-racism and anti-oppression principles, including ways to decenter whiteness, interrupt racism and reveal the invisible labor of BIPOC. We provide tools for white folks to move past lack of awareness, shame and guilt towards action while centering the voices of the BIPOC community.

Organizational Trainings

We work with small businesses, not-for-profits, educational institutions, government agencies and other organizations to help white folks have a greater understanding of how to counter and interrupt racism and to support and understand the needs of BIPOC communities.

Our trainings use large group conversations, small group breakout sessions, and hands-on practice to provide an initial entry point to anti-racism work so that participants may begin to see the ways in which racism infects our minds, bodies, relationships, and workplaces.

Strategic Planning

We help organizations take concrete steps towards meaningful change through strategic planning sessions, review of policies and documents, organizing change management processes, and more. Re-imagining organizational culture and practice is possible, and we use a combination of tried and true culturally based praxes and creativity to build something that works for our clients.


Having compassionate and nuanced discussions about race can seem stressful to many, but avoiding the topic can lead to continued burdens on “continued burdens on members of marginalized communities within an organization.” We are available to mediate and navigate these difficult conversations and provide anti-racist conflict management, so that your organization is equipped to create a safer environment for people with marginalized identities.

Change Management

All kinds of organizations are feeling the need to make big changes to their approach in equity work these days. We want to be your partner in making that change happen. Our values are such that we ensure that individuals from all levels of your organization have their voices heard, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that those closest to the problems are leading the charge in creating solutions. Whether you’re aiming to make total cultural shifts or amend specific internal practices, ETC is here to help.

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