Our Process

We are a tiny part of a large and historical movement of activism, scholarship, research and creativity.  Engage to Change believes that addressing the individual, organizational and systemic effects of racism must always be done in relationship and community. Accountability, intersectional understanding, and action are key core components of how we structure our work. We work with the organizations, agencies, and individuals to build trainings, facilitations, and change specifically to meet the needs of those organizations.

Relationships Are Key

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression efforts require action. We provide the space for complex and nuanced interactions and conversations that helps all participants engage regardless of individual placement on the spectrum of identity development. Relationship building is at the center of this effort--it is easier for those conversations to exist when we are in community with one another.


Anti-oppression work requires action, and our trainings are designed specifically for the organizations we work with. We use a combination of adult learning best practices with multimedia and interactive formats to engage participants and encourage participation.

Organizational Development & Strategic Planning

We work with small businesses, not-for-profits, educational institutions, government agencies and other organizations to conduct strategic planning sessions, review policies and documents,  and more.

Facilitation & Consultation

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression work can be messy and unpredictable.  As a result, there are often moments when organizations need help to sort out and get through that messiness. We partner with organizations to mediate and help them navigate these conversations.

Change Management

Organizations big and small know they need to implement change in both their internal and external processes. We’re here to help. ETC partners with organizations to ensure that culture shifts are possible through buy-in with individuals at all stages of becoming an anti-racist organization.

[My organization] brings in a number of speakers and has provided several excellent workshops on various equity, diversity, and inclusion topics, but your sessions have topped the list for me. Thank you for bringing a very approachable sense of humility, understanding, and grace to your anti-racism presentations.

– 2021 Workshop Attendee

I appreciate your commitment to holding space for dialogue and for encouraging us to activate health equity and collective resilience that is felt on a cellular level.

– 2021 Workshop Attendee

I appreciated their use of specific examples, the way Kasia normalized messing up throughout the training, the way Rakeem continued to share examples of how his positionality was affected by his identity as a Black man and how it differs from most of the white ppl in the room… the only thing I wish we had was more time with them!

– 2021 Workshop Attendee

I appreciated how personal the trainers made the content. Perfectionism is such a barrier to action, and the fact that the trainers were willing to admit to their own mistakes (as a white woman) and give their own perspective (as the only black man in the room) was such a gift to us.

– 2021 Workshop Attendee

Let us help your organization in its anti-racism and anti-oppression efforts.