Engage to Change is a Black, woman and queer owned collective that centers voices of color, draws strength from indigenous wisdom and uplifts the lived experiences of BIPOC folks. Our goal is collective liberation and we collaborate to imagine and build a world that doesn't exist yet.


Rakeem Washington


I regularly seem to find myself at intersections.  Intersections of systems.  Intersections of identities.  Intersections of ideas.  I'm most comfortable in the pause that is required at any intersection in life.  Trying to figure out which way to head next:  left?  right?  straight-ahead?  u-turn?


Kasia Rutledge


I used to be really worried about doing anti-racism work with groups. I was terrified I would make a mistake, that I would not know when I didn’t understand something, that I wouldn’t have the right words to say and that at worst that I would do harm to the people I was working with.


Hank Lemley


My brain has a magnetic compulsion towards structure big and small. In my role as Director of Operations at Engage to Change, I utilize my love of efficiency and organization through behind-the-scenes work expanding the capacity of the ETC team.

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Vashti Nikuosokhan


My mother taught me to question systems, to question authority, but to especially question my beliefs and the beliefs of others. For better or for worse, she taught me that my character development would never be over. I believe the same is true for us as a culture, as a society. I am drawn to anti-racism work because it is not a given that we will improve as a culture or a nation, in fact, if we are complacent, we may slip back. There are many out there that yearn for growth but are unsure where to go next. Anti-racism work provides a path.


Vania Lucio


I believe that we can all grow, unlearn/learn new things and use past experiences to become better people. I am involved in anti-racism training because it is imperative to engage folks in meaningful conversations about their values, beliefs, actions/inaction and support them in paving a path through which they can acknowledge harm done, how they caused harm and how they can move from acknowledgement to being actively anti-racist.


Roberta Phillip-Robbins


I am drawn to anti-racism training, coaching, and facilitation because I believe that the pathway to a just society is through individual work and increased self-awareness. Try as I might to dismantle and re-orient systems through an equity-driven approach to public policy work, my life experience has confirmed that Peter Drucker was right when he said “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


Chris Williams


I am a lover of stories. The work that ETC does aligns with my core beliefs about myself and the world I choose to be a part of. Antiracism work is a part of my story and I believe this work has become increasingly relevant and important in this fast-moving society we currently live in.


Briana Linden


I love learning. My path has had all kinds of wild detours and spin-offs but at the core was learning. The reason I engage in anti-racism work is because I want to learn more. About myself—my own responses and inner culture—but more fervently I want to learn from others, from other stories, from other perspectives. From folks and movements that are pushing us towards a more interesting, more diverse, more connected, more authentic future.


Hugo Gonzalez Venegas



Robin Eisenbach


Ever since I was a child, I always asked Why?  Why is this like this? This inquisitiveness has manifested into a desire to never stop learning and growing as a human. In my current role as an attorney for a non-profit in New York, I assist children arriving alone at the US Border seeking asylum, but more importantly, listening to the stories of these kids and asking why they are arriving at the border alone.

I am lucky to have been facilitating large and small group workshops for eighteen years. Facilitation has taken me all across the country, and I am very thankful for that. I have been leading conversations on equity and inclusion for the last fifteen years.  Familial experiences of marginalization, a deep value of justice, and my commitment to service drive me in this work. 

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